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  • 10 Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses & Accountants in 2020

    10 Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses & Accountants in 2020

    The best invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers in 2020

    Accountants aren’t the only people who need reliable invoicing software.

    Many times, small businesses and freelancers handle their invoicing on their own, so they need software that fits their needs and also their budget.

    Both small business accountants and businesses are quickly moving away from the traditional pen and paper (or even printed document) invoice.

    Luckily, there have been a lot of tools created to make invoicing as easy as possible – even automated.

    What to look for in invoicing software

    If you are looking for invoicing software, chances are you are looking for a tool to streamline your business’s workflow.

    Online invoicing software comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are options to fit any sort of needs.

    The first thing you need to ask yourself when looking for the perfect tool to send invoices is what do you need it to accomplish.

    Do you need something that is automated based on your point-of-sale system, your business management system, or any other business tool used to complete and track sales?

    For businesses with less frequent transactions (and also freelancers), they simply need somewhere to add an amount, the service they provided, and the person they are billing.

    In other words, they need a dead simple invoicing solution.

    1. Quickbooks Online

    Best invoicing software 2019

    Source: Quickbooks

    Quickbooks is the most well-known accounting software in the world. With millions of users worldwide, Quickbooks has turned into a one-stop shop for not just accountants, but also small businesses and freelancers.

    Quickbooks Online has a very easy to use invoicing portal that also streamlines with your bank account to make things easy as possible.

    Quickbooks (owned by Intuit) is far from perfect and does lack a lot of features, but for the most part, it is a very reliable online invoicing tool.

    Cost: Prices for Quickbooks Online with Invoicing start at $10/mo

    2. Scoro

    Best Invoicing Software 2019 Scoro

    Source: Scoro

    Scoro is another popular tool in the accounting world, but Scoro also offers a wide range of business management tools.

    Other than just financial tools like invoicing and reporting, Scoro also offers project managment tools.

    With Scoro, you can easily send customized or automated invoices to projects based on an hourly rate or a fixed price.

    Cost: Prices with online invoicing software start at $28/mo

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    3. FreshBooks

    2019 Best Invoicing Software Freshbooks

    Source: FreshBooks

    One thing that really stands out about FreshBooks is the modern style and layout of their invoicing software.

    One of the main reasons we love FreshBooks is the customizability they offer when creating an invoice online.

    FreshBooks allows you to design your invoice to match your brand; giving you a very professional appearance when you bill your customers.

    Not only does FreshBooks have invoicing software for both small businesses and accountants, but their software also allows you to manage several other parts of your business’s workflow like time tracking, expense tracking, and other accounting/finance tasks.

    Cost: Prices start at $15/mo which includes digital invoicing

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    4. Wave

    Digital invoicing software 2019 Wave

    Source: Wave

    Another ultra-modern invoicing tool in 2019 is Wave.

    Wave’s invoicing software features a beautiful design and an easy-to-use interface that makes billing customers as easy as possible.

    With Wave, you can bill clients and also accept credit card and Bank (ACH) payments for a percentage of the transaction.

    What’s the best part about Wave? You can use their invoicing software for free.

    Price: Invoicing software is free

    5. Invoicely

    Best software for invoices 2019 Invoicely

    Source: Webdesigner Depot

    Like the others listed, Invoicely offers a wide range of accounting, financial, and business managment tools.

    Like Wave, you can use Invoicely’s online invoicing software for free.

    If you want their additional bussiness management tools as well, they have plans that start at $9.99/mo.

    Price: Free to use invoicing software

    6. Hiveage

    Invoicing Software 2019 Hiveage

    Source: Hiveage

    Hiveage provides invoicing services for over 60,000 businesses worldwide.

    Many accountants and small business agree that Hiveage is one of 2019’s best invoicing software for teams.

    Hiveage allows you to track time, track mileage, create detailed reports, and many other financial tools that help your team stay organized.

    Price: Starts at $19/mo for two team members

    Other notable invoicing software of 2020:

    7. Due – great for beginners and small businesses

    8. Stripe – great for website purchases and businesses with developers

    9. Square – best for retail stores and shops that accept in-store payments

    10. ZipBooks – great for small businesses looking to send custom invoices

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