• From basic accounting services to keep your business on track to much more comprehensive back-tracking and reconciliation to correct and repair missing/erroneous entries, we can give you the information that accurately reflects the state of your business.

  • As a QuickBooks-Certified ProAdvisor, Apple can retrain your staff to properly enter and maintain business records to avoid inaccuracies in the future.

  • Work can be performed remotely if access to your records are not readily accessible. Also follow-up and account maintenance can be done in this way for minimal impact on your staff and operations.

  • ​Company forecasting and budgeting.

  • Step-by-step assistance to help you obtain business licenses, permits, Fed, State, and local tax ID numbers, and all employer filing ID numbers to expedite the start-up process.
  • Employee Manual guidelines , inserts and  information, and signature pages to protect you and your business.
  • POS (Point of Sale) system setup and (when possible) integration with Quickbooks. 
  • Vendor and pricing setup assistance.
  • Lease negotiation and business placement
  • Through our contacts, we have experts that can develop new, or enhance existing SEO and PPC campaigns for the most effective internet presence at the most reasonable costs.

Financial & Cash Flow Analysis/ Improving Business Profitablility

  • Whether you are planning a Start-Up, looking for funding for an Asset Purchase, trying to determine if a Franchise business suits your lifestyle, or seeking better performance from your current company, our experience in these and other areas can help insure that your final decisions result in the outcome you desired.
  • We have experience in product negotiations on every level, employee management and compensation programs, and customer/client servicing, including setting up A/R accounts and pricing levels.
  • Getting funded for a new business or a new product line through a traditional bank line of credit or loan typically requires a Loan Package. How your business and/or project is presented can determine whether you receive the funding or not. Putting together an attractive package is essential; that's where we can help.
  • Non-traditional funding can be quicker, much more hassle-free, and often obtained at a lower interest rate than bank financing. It is especially attractive when the bank says NO. We have experience with many of these products.
  • Working with your current staff, we can train them on the important aspects of data entry, account classification for each expense, etc., to keep your costs down and enabling your Financial Reports to accurately reflect your operations.
  • We can provide some interim bookkeeping services, and correct and/or reclassify items and simplify procedures to facilitate bringing the bookkeeping job in-house in the future.

Franchise Assistance/ Document Overview

​​Start-ups / Asset Purchase & Sale Transactions

Bookkeeping/ Full Service Payroll/ S-Corp Owner Payroll

Initial needs-analysis is free; contact us for details

​​​​Accounting/ Income Tax Preparation & Planning/ Budgeting

  • Navigating through the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) 
  • Understanding how many of the unique stipulations in a franchise agreement will affect you and your business in the short and long term.
  • Help in determining when a particular franchise is the wrong choice.
  • Negotiating the few areas in the FDD that are  negotiable.
  • Evaluate when a franchise operation is a better choice that an independent location.