​​​​Our Pledge to Our Clients
​​​​Our History
Apple Volpe:

CEO/ Small Business and Tax Accountant

Robert Volpe:

COO/ Business and Franchise Consultant

   "If your numbers aren't correct, they can't reflect the actual financial  health of the business. Many of the most important strategic decisions made  in business rely on information taken from your financials, and to make the  right decisions, you need numbers you can trust ".

    At Volpe Consulting & Accounting, we have a comprehensive offering of  business accounting and consulting services to get or keep your business on  track.


   Volpe Consulting & Accounting Services was conceived as a full service accounting-based company providing financial services primarily for small businesses, start-ups and franchises. Apple and Robert Volpe are the company's principles/founders, and with a combined 29 years of experience as franchise owner-operators, we have a more complete understanding and appreciation of our clients' needs and expectations.

   Our 2 primary goals are to help our clients increase their bottom - line profitability through providing them with accurate and useful financial reports, tools and analysis, and being responsive and available to our clients to assist in any issues they may have.

​​Meet Our Founders and Management Team
​​​Our Mission

 Unlike the big or multi-location accounting firms, we provide 

  • Professional and Knowledgeable Practices

  • Personal Service and Support   

  • Responsiveness and Reliability

  • More importantly, we personally handle your company's needs whether it be Accounting, Tax preparation, Payroll, QuickBooks Services, or Consulting issues such as profit analysis or obtaining funding for a new project.                         

​​​​Our Belief


    Here at Volpe Consulting & Accounting Services, we are dedicated to you and all your accounting and business consulting needs. We truly want to help you reach your objectives.

    With our combined experience of owning businesses for over 35 years, and working with many other business owners to facilitate their particular needs, my partner and I have received multiple Customer Service and performance awards, and have maintained an excellent online rating for customer satisfaction through client reviews.